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What should I know about reverse mergers?

New Jersey businesses that are seeking capital have a variety of alternatives. A common way for these businesses to gain access to large financial sums - one that is gaining popularity in today's world - is an initial public offering (IPO). However, that might not be feasible for a smaller business. For them, reverse mergers might be preferable. Knowing what a reverse merger is and how it works is essential before taking the necessary steps with it.

Proposed business partners in fantasy sports call off merger

New Jersey companies that are considering advancing their business goals by merging with or acquiring another company should make certain that the idea fits in with their corporate strategy and it is a viable plan. Mergers and acquisitions is an exceedingly complex area of the law with various aspects of it up for scrutiny from government regulators and resistance from shareholders. Companies that are thinking about an ambitious plan in this vein must be cognizant of what they are facing. One recent decision on the part of two large companies in the same business provides a window into the difficulty of such business maneuvers.

Merger between insurance giants struck down by judge

Health insurance is a necessity today. Considering the high cost of health care, many in New Jersey are thankful they have insurance policies that cover some, if not all, of the costs they incur when they visit the doctor or hospital. Therefore, they may be interested to hear that a federal judge blocked the pending merger between health insurance giants, Anthem and Cigna.

Last year was notable for mergers and acquisitions

As Moorestown residents may agree, 2016 was a landmark year for mergers and acquisitions. While some may have concerns about how these mergers will affect the market and competition, others may see them as evidence that the nation's economy is rebounding. The following are five major mergers and acquisitions that took place in 2016.

$2.1 billion Tesla merger approved by shareholders

"Green living" is gaining a foothold in our nation. Whether it is through solar powered homes or electric cars, more individuals in Moorestown are becoming interested in how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, they may be interested to hear of a $2.1 billion merger between Tesla Motors, Inc., and SolarCity, Corp., which was recently approved by companies' shareholders. The merger creates a single company run by Elon Musk, who is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tesla. He is also the primary shareholder of both Tesla and SolarCity.

What are some common due diligence activities? Part two

The importance of performing due diligence tasks before undertaking mergers and acquisitions cannot be understated. Our last post covered a few common due diligence tasks a company in New Jersey may want to take before a business merger or acquisition. This post will continue to explore what a buyer might want to know about its target company prior to purchase.

What are some common due diligence activities? Part one

In a typical merger or acquisition in New Jersey, the company seeking to buy another company will do a good deal of due diligence before the purchase goes through. After all, the buying company wants to make sure what obligations and liabilities it will be undertaking by buying the target company, as well as what the target company has to offer. This series of blog posts will go over some common due diligence activities that a buying company may undertake during a merger or acquisition.

Outdoor retail giants reach $4.5 billion acquisition deal

Many residents of New Jersey enjoy outdoor activities, like fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. Some of our readers may be interested to hear that two popular outdoors retail giants have reached a multi-billion-dollar acquisition deal. Bass Pro Shops has acquired its competitor Cabela's, after Cabela's effectively sought to be sold approximately 10 months ago. Bass Pro Shops will issue $65.50 cash per share in Cabela's; the entire deal will amount to $4.5 billion. Bass Pro Shop's chief executive officer will retain majority ownership in the newly combined business entity. The deal is anticipated to be officially approved in 2017.

How do mergers differ from acquisitions?

Many business owners in New Jersey have heard of the terms "mergers" and "acquisitions," particularly when it comes to large business deals involving major companies. Some people may think that there's not much difference between the two or even that they are synonyms of the same actions. However, there is a difference between the definition of "merger" and the definition of "acquisition" that should be understood.

Should acquisitions focus on more than simply earnings growth?

It is only natural that when two companies in New Jersey are considering an acquisition that they each expect for the venture to bring financial success. However, according to some, when a company is looking into the possibility of acquiring a new business, focusing on cutting costs or focusing on increasing financial revenue may not always mean the acquisition will be a success.

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