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September 2017 Archives

Legal assistance is essential with business sales in New Jersey

When building a business in New Jersey, there are numerous issues to consider from the start. Those who are in the middle of making a business a success might never consider selling it, but as time passes and circumstances change, this is often a decision that business owners will make. There are legal matters that must be accounted for when selling a business and that is what a qualified attorney is for.

Changes to the estate tax will affect New Jersey's wealthy

For New Jersey residents who have significant assets, the United States government's plans regarding the estate tax will never be far from their minds. When crafting an estate plan, this is one of the most important issues they must confront. The amount that is shielded from the federal estate tax is constantly up for debate, and it is imperative to keep track of certain changes and proposals to ensure that the estate plan addresses this.

Taking care of your health care with a health care proxy

It is impossible to know and control the future, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you have protected your interests for the months and years ahead. You may know that you could benefit from a will and other estate planning tools, but you would be prudent to consider a health care proxy as part of your plan.

Many fail to protect their estates with an estate plan

A frequently forgotten document for even the most conscientious people in New Jersey is an estate plan. Most people will organize everything including insurance, health coverage and more, the estate plan is left in the background. Perhaps it is something they think can wait. It might be a pure lack of willingness to admit that the inevitable will occur and the inheritance for loved ones through an estate plan must be accounted for after death. Regardless, it is imperative to think about wills, trusts and other alternatives with an estate plan as soon as possible.

Wealthy people should update their estate plans regularly

The importance of an estate plan should be clear to everyone regardless of their assets and financial situation. However, people in New Jersey who have substantial assets have more to think about because there is more at stake. An estate plan governs who will receive the inheritance, how much they will get and other factors. It is a mistake to think that an estate plan is final when it is first completed. Changes will inevitably be necessary.

What should I know about reverse mergers?

New Jersey businesses that are seeking capital have a variety of alternatives. A common way for these businesses to gain access to large financial sums - one that is gaining popularity in today's world - is an initial public offering (IPO). However, that might not be feasible for a smaller business. For them, reverse mergers might be preferable. Knowing what a reverse merger is and how it works is essential before taking the necessary steps with it.

How is a valid will created in New Jersey?

Most people in New Jersey will be aware of the importance of will planning as they cobble together an estate plan. However, a great many will not be fully cognizant of what makes the will legal in the first place. It is a frequent occurrence for a will to be called into question or for there to be a will contest because the testator failed to take the steps to make it a valid will. To avoid this eventuality and the issues that go along with it, it is imperative to know how to make a will that is valid.

Understanding tortious interference and what to do about it

New Jersey businesses that work hard to be creative, cobble together products or ideas and make deals with others will obviously want to be the ones who benefit from that. Unfortunately, there are times when third parties will try to sabotage that hard work, engage in unfair competition, and go further than good-natured and legal competition allows. Crossing the line and engaging in tortious interference can lead to numerous problems for the business that has been affected.

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