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June 2017 Archives

Providing for a special needs child after your death

Having a child with special needs comes with its own set of challenges. As a parent, you more than likely do whatever you can to give that child a good life. Part of doing so involves providing for him or her financially. During your life, this may not always be easy, but you work every day to do so.

Overview of the probate process in New Jersey

For those who have no experience with estate administration, the probate process in New Jersey can be a bit daunting. Most people go their whole lives with limited exposure and participation in any kind of judicial experience, outside of jury duty perhaps. So, when New Jersey residents find themselves going through the probate process, they will likely have quite a few questions.

Navigating your way through the probate system in New Jersey

There aren't too many people in New Jersey, outside of attorneys and those in the finance industry, who are likely to have a great deal of familiarity with the probate system. However, this is one area of the law that almost everyone will probably encounter at some point in life. When loved ones die, leaving behind a will that delineates the distribution of their assets and establishes other terms in regards to their property, most cases will go through the probate court system.

Do you need to plan for estate taxes in New Jersey?

Many of our readers are probably familiar with terms like "death tax," which is an unfortunate reference to state and federal estate taxes. Under federal tax law, there are certain estates that will be subject to taxation if they exceed a designated dollar amount. However, there are also many states that institute their own estate taxes. So, do New Jersey residents need to plan for estate taxes?

Adjusting your business planning around current events

In general, businesses in New Jersey like to be able to predict upcoming events that may have an impact on the company's profitability, if at all possible. When President Trump recently announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, it might have been foreseeable to some. In New Jersey, so-called "clean" energy companies, like those in the business of producing solar panels, are still planning on society marching forward toward renewable energy all the same.

Unfair competition and New Jersey business law

Many small companies in New Jersey are primarily concerned with maintaining profitability. Large companies have this concern as well, but they may face even larger issues, such as international business disputes or other issues with foreign companies. However, no matter how large or small a company is, at times there may be issues of unfair competition that need to be addressed.

Business purchases can be major transactions

When businesses in New Jersey begin to make plans to expand, they often consider the benefits and risks of purchasing another business. This type of acquisition can be fruitful for all parties involved, if undertaken carefully. The acquiring company will need to do its due diligence, making sure that the company that is targeted for acquisition has products, brand names and employees who will be of use.

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