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March 2017 Archives

Will your special needs child need a guardian after age 18?

As a parent, you may consider appointing a guardian in your estate plan in case your children still need care at the time of your death. On the other hand, if you have a special needs child, you may wonder whether placing that child under guardianship after he or she turns 18 could work in his or her best interests. If the circumstances warrant such an appointment, you may have the ability to move through the proper legal channels to gain the role of guardian.

After you create an estate plan, make sure it stays updated

For many New Jersey residents, taking the step of crafting an estate plan is a big move. In fact, most people probably wait too long to have an estate plan drafted but, once it is done, they probably feel a great sense of relief that they have just taken care of a major commitment. However, even after an estate plan has been drafted and executed, there may be work to be done.

An overview of a durable financial power of attorney

An estate plan can include many different documents, and among them will be power of attorney documents. While many of our readers understand the basic uses of wills and trusts, some people may be unsure of the uses of a power of attorney document, particularly a durable financial power of attorney.

What are the different types of trusts?

Any of our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that there is a wide variety of estate planning tools they could consider. However, this is dependent on their goals and specific situation. For instance, trusts are becoming quite popular with many New Jersey residents. But, what are the different types of trusts?

New Jersey businesses can face many different legal issues

Starting a business in New Jersey can be exciting. The hope of establishing a profitable enterprise is the driving force behind many business start-ups. And, at the beginning, if everything has been planned out carefully, things will always seem like they are going smoothly. Unfortunately, most businesses will run into legal issues at some point in time: some good, some bad and some very complex.

Business dispute breaks out over paying costs of accident cleanup

It is an unfortunate reality that at some point in time many businesses in New Jersey will likely find themselves a party to some sort of litigation. The causes of business litigation can vary greatly, but failure to pay for services rendered is probably one of the most common causes. That appears to be the case in a recent dust-up that started due to an accident that occurred on a highway in New Jersey and the cleanup efforts that occurred in the aftermath.

The first step in will planning

Most New Jersey residents know that they should have an estate plan in place, but many ignore this crucial task. Why? Well, some just don't believe they need an estate plan. They might think that estate plans are for those people who have significant assets. However, no matter the reason why a New Jersey resident might think that an estate plan is unnecessary, the opposite is probably true: an estate plan is necessary regardless of a person's financial situation.

Should New Jersey businesses retain all their electronic records?

Many residents of New Jersey these days have gone "paperless" when it comes to receiving bank statements, utility bills and other financial data, and businesses are no different. Most data accumulated by businesses these days is stored electronically. This means, however, that the amount of electronically stored information (ESI) is getting bigger and bigger as time marches on.

How can you get a liquor license in New Jersey?

Owning and operating a bar, restaurant or store that intends to sell alcohol involves more than simply buying supplies and printing a drink menu. As you are well aware, you must secure certain permits in order to sell alcohol. New Jersey law regulates these licenses, but local townships and municipal governments distribute them.

How are executors chosen and what are their probate duties?

One legality that comes with the death of a loved one in Moorestown is the administration of the deceased's estate. The person assigned to complete all estate administration duties is known as an "executor." The following is a brief overview of who may be selected as an executor and their duties.

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