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November 2016 Archives

Donald Trump's Estate Tax Plan

President-elect Donald Trump rode to victory thanks to support by lower and middle class voters in the heartland who are looking for jobs to return to their towns. Nonetheless, the billionaire has also outlined a plan to eliminate federal estate taxes, which would likely benefit the super-wealthy.

$2.1 billion Tesla merger approved by shareholders

"Green living" is gaining a foothold in our nation. Whether it is through solar powered homes or electric cars, more individuals in Moorestown are becoming interested in how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, they may be interested to hear of a $2.1 billion merger between Tesla Motors, Inc., and SolarCity, Corp., which was recently approved by companies' shareholders. The merger creates a single company run by Elon Musk, who is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tesla. He is also the primary shareholder of both Tesla and SolarCity.

Do not leave digital assets out of an estate plan

Many people in Moorestown have online bank accounts, purchase items online and pay their bills online. In fact, using digital assets have become so ubiquitous, that we do not really think about it as something special. However, when it comes to estate planning, these digital assets have value and need to be accounted for in an estate plan.

Breach of contract remedies beyond monetary damages

Contracts often form the backbone of many business transactions in Moorestown. Some are simple, others complex, but what they all have in common is that both parties expect that they will be dutifully honored. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. One party will fail to live up to their part of the deal, resulting in a breach of contract.

Successful businesses in Moorestown know when to seek legal help

Successful business owners in places like Moorestown are a pillar of New Jersey's economy. They know how to run their businesses in a way that is profitable and organized. They seek out strategic opportunities to expand and grow their businesses and are able to adapt in a positive manner to the state's ever-changing business environment. However, one aspect of running a successful business that they may not have as much experience in is the law.

What are some common due diligence activities? Part two

The importance of performing due diligence tasks before undertaking mergers and acquisitions cannot be understated. Our last post covered a few common due diligence tasks a company in New Jersey may want to take before a business merger or acquisition. This post will continue to explore what a buyer might want to know about its target company prior to purchase.

What are some common due diligence activities? Part one

In a typical merger or acquisition in New Jersey, the company seeking to buy another company will do a good deal of due diligence before the purchase goes through. After all, the buying company wants to make sure what obligations and liabilities it will be undertaking by buying the target company, as well as what the target company has to offer. This series of blog posts will go over some common due diligence activities that a buying company may undertake during a merger or acquisition.

What formalities are necessary to create a valid will?

Many New Jersey residents have taken the necessary steps to create a will, in order to ensure their property is passed on to their chosen heirs or charities upon their death. This is important, as without a will or trust, the deceased's property will be passed on via the state's intestacy laws, which may not be to the person's liking. However, it is important that wills are executed according to all of the necessary legal formalities, so that they are valid.

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