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September 2016 Archives

Millionaire squandering reveals estate planning lessons for all

It may seem like heirs to multi-million dollar fortunes have it all, but that isn't always true in the end. Take, for example, the Scripps family, a mother and son, heirs to a media fortune in the amount of about $100 million. They spent much of their fortune on extravagant vacations, expensive collectables, war memorabilia, gifts of expensive jewelry and thousands of dollars at strip clubs. However, eventually the funds started to dry up, leading to a battle between mother and son, in which one family member was ultimately incarcerated, tarnishing a legacy of entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

What are the basics of a New Jersey probate case?

Individuals in New Jersey may have heard of "probate" (for better, or worse,) but unless they have experienced the probate process first-hand, they may not understand what it means. The term "probate" refers to the legal process of distributing an individual's assets and winding up the individual's estate after he or she passes away. If the individual had a valid will, his or her assets will be distributed per the terms of the will. If the individual did not have a valid will when he or she died, then his or her assets are distributed to his or her relations per New Jersey intestacy laws.

What is tortious interference with a business contract?

Sometimes a business owner in Moorestown puts a lot of sweat and effort into creating the perfect contract with a customer, supplier or other business entity, only to have it interfered with by a third party. This frustrating situation is known as "tortious interference," and in some instances it can serve as the basis for a lawsuit.

What are some advantages to creating an irrevocable trust?

New Jersey residents who have made the wise decision to create an estate plan may find themselves overwhelmed with all the options available to them. Wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other documents should all be considered. This post will focus on one specific type of estate planning document: the irrevocable trust.

Business sales can be more complex than one thinks

After pouring years of effort into establishing a successful business, entrepreneurs in New Jersey may one day decide to sell their business, and move on to a new venture in life. An entrepreneur who has invested a lot of heart into his business may have a very rosy picture of it. However, it is important to think practically when negotiating a sale, as a few key issues may rear their heads during this time.

Avoid contract disputes by notarizing contracts

Contracts are a mainstay of business dealings in Moorestown. However, no matter how thoroughly they are negotiated and how carefully they are drafted, contract disputes may still arise. Parties may disagree on what their duties are under the contract or how to execute them. Costs may go above what was agreed upon or deadlines may be missed. Unfortunately, in the end it may be inevitable that sooner or later a contract dispute will arise.

Helping companies in Moorestown that are facing business disputes

Business owners across Moorestown may one day find themselves facing an unpleasant, albeit sometimes unavoidable, prospect -- a lawsuit. While business owners may understand that legal disputes may just be a part of doing business, the fact of the matter is that the business litigation process can be difficult to understand and expensive to go through, taking up a company's precious time and resources.

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