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July 2016 Archives

The difference between a material and minor breach of contract

When two parties in Moorestown enter into a contract, they do so anticipating that they will each see the fruits of the contract once the performance of the contract is completed. However, things do not always proceed so neatly. Sometimes a contract is broken or "breached." In general, a breach of contract can be either material or minor.

Great businesses only start with a good idea

A former White House dog groomer just realized that her big idea for a Presidential pet museum may not be as popular as she had initially thought. Therefore, after building a website, obtaining and caring for a vast collection of Oval Office Animalia and giving a try at making the museum a concrete reality for over 15 years, the now 83 year old is hanging up the thought as well as the business itself.

What are the responsibilities of a trustee in Moorestown?

Being named the trustee of an estate in Moorestown may be an honor, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. In essence, the trustee oversees the administration of the trust assets, ensuring that the terms of the trust are met and that the trust beneficiaries receive the appropriate funds.

Legal agreements start-up companies need from the get-go

When a person in Moorestown sets off to start their own business, there are a lot of steps in the process beyond securing a location and deciding on a business name. In most cases, certain types of business agreements can be essential to have prior to starting any new business venture.

Establishing a trust can help estate plans in different ways

Estate planning can be a crucial part of anyone's overall life blueprint, but all the minute details and elements to sift through can be overwhelming. While drafting a will is the most common and most essential part of an estate plan, there are many different ways to protect assets and provide a legacy.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a trustee?

Setting up a trust is one way for an individual in New Jersey to put into place a plan for passing down assets upon death. However, not only must an individual choose who the beneficiaries of the trust will be, a trustee must be chosen as well. A trustee is the individual who will manage the deceased's assets, make sure that debts and other expenses are paid and make distributions per the terms of the trust.

Should acquisitions focus on more than simply earnings growth?

It is only natural that when two companies in New Jersey are considering an acquisition that they each expect for the venture to bring financial success. However, according to some, when a company is looking into the possibility of acquiring a new business, focusing on cutting costs or focusing on increasing financial revenue may not always mean the acquisition will be a success.

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