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April 2016 Archives

Can I sue based on delays incurred to my construction project?

Expanding a business can be exciting, but helping an entity grow can require the significant investment of resources on the part of the business owner. Growth in the business world can include acquiring more labor, purchasing more inventory and building more business space.

Adapting to the digital era for businesses

Think about your local mall a decade ago and its standard features. Yes, it was filled with a variety of stores, a food court and what are considered "anchor" stores. It also had public phones near every public restroom and in the food court, as well as strategically placed ATMs.

Legal guidance can be useful in business purchases

Buying a business is quite different from buying a home. When a New Jersey resident purchases a new house in which to live he acquires property in the form of land and improvements upon it. When he buys a new business he may not actually acquire anything tangible in the business's name.

Courts can create constructive trusts

Many posts on this blog have discussed different legal tools that individuals in New Jersey may use to create comprehensive estate plans. From personal wills to powers of attorney documents, different tools can serve different important functions in a person's unique estate plan. Trusts can be very helpful for people who hope to protect their estate's wealth from the costs associated with the probate process, and to see that their assets will be handed down per their wishes after their death.

Electronic assets often overlooked in estate planning

In generations past, a New Jersey resident's wealth may have been more tangible than it is now. A person's money may have been saved in a location where that person could easily access it, and investments may have been in physical things as opposed to interests or stocks. Today, most people hold a variety of investments and assets that exist only on paper or in the electronic realm.

What types of business disputes can arise from partnerships?

Going into business with a good friend or relative may seem like a great idea to some New Jersey readers of this business law blog. Working side by side with a trusted associate may appear to be a risk-free way to start a new enterprise or expand an existing business. For many individuals who choose to enter into business ventures with other people, partnerships form the legal bases of their business relationships.

Know your business's rights when facing contract disputes

Some New Jersey businesses manage to operate in contentious markets for years without ever finding themselves involved in business-related disputes. Others may discover shortly after opening their doors that they have become the targets of other entities' legal claims. When disagreements arise in the business world, contracts are often at the heart of the parties' differing claims.

There are many necessary steps to closing a business

After years of planning and the expenditure of a New Jersey resident's time and money, a new business that embodies a person's dream may open. While some new businesses thrive from the start, others struggle to grow in competitive markets. After enduring struggles and making difficult decisions about their entities' futures, some business owners may choose to close the doors of their enterprises rather than pursue options for keeping their operations afloat.

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