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March 2016 Archives

A health care power of attorney can be part of your estate plan

Discussing the benefits of a health care power of attorney can be an uncomfortable topic for some New Jersey residents. This is because such a document anticipates an individual's inability to make decisions about his health and welfare on his own. However, such a legal device can be an important part of an individual's estate plan as it can allow a person to vest decision-making power in someone he trusts when it comes to making determinations about the potential end of the individual's life.

A C-corp, has its advantages and disadvantages

New Jersey entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business and are intrigued by the prospect of ownership and starting something from the ground up might have great enthusiasm. However, this does not mitigate the importance of having a full understanding of the law. Starting a corporation -- also known as a C-corp has many advantages and disadvantages. First, it is imperative to know exactly what a C-corp is. A C-corp is legal entity that is independent and owned by shareholders. What this means is that the corporation is legally responsible for the business.

Important points about a durable power of attorney in New Jersey

New Jersey residents young and old will have concerns about their loved ones and what will happen to their estates if they become incapacitated. One method that can be used to account for this is a durable power of attorney. Before moving forward with a durable power of attorney, it is important to have a full understanding of what it does, its advantages and how it differs from a basic power of attorney.

5 reasons small businesses benefit from an attorney relationship

Even though there are many DIY options available for small businesses regarding the startup process or getting answers to critical questions, this research often isn't enough. What do you do when facing a tough legal battle with a relentless competitor? Do you know where to turn when investor relationship topics come up?

How do taxes relate to a New Jersey business dissolution?

It is not unusual for businesses in New Jersey to decide to cease operations. While those who begin a business will undoubtedly make certain that they are following all the rules to ensure full compliance and to avoid problems down the road, it must also be remembered that there are also rules for concluding a business via dissolution.

Three estate taxes: easy to name, difficult to understand

You know the old saying, "The only things that are inevitable in life are death and taxes." What happens when the two come together? The truth is that a lot of people are unprepared for the tax liability that can quickly eat away the legacy they want to leave their children or other beneficiaries.

Elderly lose money in estate administration fraud scheme

A horrible story of predatory and criminal behavior is wrapping up in Southern New Jersey, and it has nothing to do with physical violence. This story stems from the actions of a handful of unscrupulous individuals who targeted and stole millions of dollars from many elderly people who trusted the guilty parties with their estate planning and administration needs.

What rights do New Jersey residents have when a spouse dies?

The way in which a state views the ownership of property can make a big difference in how that property is treated when an individual dies. In New Jersey, property owned by married people is subject to common law theories of ownership. This generally means that if a married person acquires a piece of property only in his or her name, then that piece of property shall be solely his or hers with regard to its distribution at the owner's death.

The IRS defines what constitutes a closely held corporation

A business is just a business, right? That might be the commonly held but mistaken belief of some New Jersey residents. A business can be highly nuanced, and it can be organized in many different and significant ways. Depending upon how a business is set up it can be subject to a variety of different laws and regulations.

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