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February 2016 Archives

Privacy business dispute becomes battle between Apple and FBI

When a business finds itself in a heated debate about its practices, its challenger is usually another business. However, one major American company is currently doing battle with the United States government over privacy. Apple, maker of the ubiquitous iPhone, is caught in a legal debate with the FBI over whether the tech giant should be forced to unlock a device owned and used by a killer.

A trust may be used to protect your life insurance assets

As has been discussed in previous posts here, trusts can protect an individual's wealth by holding ownership in a securely managed device. Wealth and property put into a trust are no longer the property of the original owner, and as such when that individual dies the estate will not include the items and assets that are passed into the trust during the trust creator's lifetime. Reducing the overall size of an estate can help avoid the financial and temporal strains of probate, and as such trusts are very useful tools for those who wish to actively control their estates.

What are examples of unfair competition in business?

No one likes to be copied or manipulated. In fact, New Jersey parents may be used to breaking up arguments between their kids when allegations of imitation arise between brothers and sisters. While intra-family arguments of this type might be annoying, they are certainly not crimes. However, when businesses copy or take ideas from each other, legal problems may come up.

How is non-performance a breach of contract?

One of the main reasons that Moorestown businesses enter into business contracts is to create legal obligations between themselves and other parties for the execution or performance of business-related activities. Businesses contract with employees so that they have workers to handle their operational functions and they contract with other entities to secure the goods and services that they need to make their businesses run. Without contracts in place it can be very difficult for a business to know if its vendors, employees and partners will do what the business needs them to do.

Workers may violate a contract when they walk off of their jobs

A previous post here discussed the importance of crafting strong, clear employment contracts. Weak agreements can invite misinterpretation and problems for New Jersey employers, which can then lead to problems with business operations. Recently, possible disputes over a contract and interactions with managers led dockworkers to abandon their posts at ports in both New Jersey and New York.

A living trust provides privacy unlike the probate process

New Jersey residents may have negative feelings about the probate process. Although it is a completely legal and legitimate way for an individual's property and final arrangements to be handled at the time of death, some people have problems with the very open and public nature probate may utilize in achieving those ends. As a result, they may look for alternative means of estate planning to preserve some privacy for their end of life affairs.

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