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December 2015 Archives

Will you open a new business in 2016?

Now is the time that many New Jersey residents are beginning to write down their New Year's resolutions. While getting in shape and having more fun may top some people's lists, others may be interested in pursuing other goals that have to do with their careers. Getting ahead or procuring a promotion may be what some want to achieve, though becoming one's own boss may be more appealing to others who have plans of self-employment.

Uber in court again over driver contracts

Uber is a popular ride-finding service for individuals in major metropolitan areas. New Jersey residents may have access to Uber drivers in some parts of the state. Though Uber is a highly popular and heavily utilized service, it has gotten a fair amount of bad press in recent months over its practices with regard to employing drivers.

What is a charitable trust?

There are many forms of trusts that New Jersey residents can create, and one popular form is the charitable trust. A charitable trust has many benefits which will be discussed within the paragraphs of this post, but first readers may appreciate an explanation of what a charitable trust really is. Generally, a charitable trust is a trust set up explicitly for a particular charity and that is managed by the chosen charity during the trust creator's lifetime.

There are effective ways to keep assets out of probate

Despite the bad press that it may sometimes receive, probate serves an important purpose for individuals who have passed away and who have left assets in their estates. In New Jersey and other parts of the country, however, many people have the opportunities to structure their assets in such ways to allow them to pass directly to beneficiaries instead of through the arduous process of probate. This blog post will look at a few of the types of assets that can avoid probate if they are properly organized.

Can I sue if there is an arbitration clause in my contract?

When business entities experience conflict and cannot resolve their own disputes, business litigation can result. Not all New Jersey businesses want to see their legal matters aired out in the courtroom. Some entities include in their business contracts certain clauses that stipulate different methods of dispute resolution.

Some contract disputes begin with unclear offers

It may seem that by the time two parties get to the process of writing up a contract, they both agree on the terms of what they are agreeing to do. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Problems can arise for New Jersey residents at any point in the contract creation process, including as early as the time an initial offer is made.

Spread out business sale gains with an installment sale

New Jersey businesses are regulated by a number of state and federal departments and agencies. Like individuals, businesses are taxed at certain rates established by the Internal Revenue Service. When a business is sold for a profit, the IRS requires that the seller report any gains that he or she may have experienced through the sales transaction.

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