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September 2015 Archives

Deceptive trade practices harm consumers through dishonesty

In a previous post this New Jersey business law blog discussed the story of Volkswagen and its engagement in deceptive trade practices. The automaker allegedly allowed thousands of vehicles to be sold in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world with emissions bypass features that would give inaccurate emissions readings when the vehicles were tested. As many countries, including the United States, have strict air quality and vehicle emissions standards to uphold, Volkswagen's deceptions gave it an unfair advantage over other auto manufacturers who legitimately found ways to keep their vehicles under the emissions limits of the various nations.

The estate tax and the gift tax are two separate taxes

When a person dies, his estate may exceed the New Jersey state or federal estate limit and be subject to an estate tax. An estate tax imposes a tax on the amount of the estate that exceeds the statutorily established limit and provides that tax revenue to the applicable state or federal government. Estate taxes can deplete the overall size and value of an estate, and this New Jersey estate planning blog has discussed some of the ways that an estate plan can help a person avoid this unfortunate part of passing on wealth to loved ones.

Major auto maker engages in deceptive trade practices

Buying a new vehicle can be a fun process for a New Jersey resident. While many people consider a variety of factors such as their families' needs and the new vehicles primary functions before making purchases, the process of looking different body styles, colors and technical features can be exciting. A car is a big investment and many people hold onto their personal vehicles for a number of years before they sell or trade them in for new ones.

A bad business transaction can lead you to court

Starting, running and closing a Camden County business may seem like straightforward processes for some individuals. However, due to the highly regulated manner in which corporations are scrutinized by state and federal government agencies, making changes to a private or publicly held business can be complicated. What may seem to be an easy business transaction may actually be a challenging operation that involves multiple important legal steps.

Have a backup trustee named for your trust administration plan

Trusts are a great way to protect your wealth during your lifetime and to have that wealth benefit those people and causes that you want to support after your death. Moorestown residents who set up trusts can in some cases make themselves the trustees of their trust accounts, but when they die, they need others to step up and perform trust administration duties in their absences.

What is an asset purchase agreement?

New Jersey residents who wish to get into business ownership can do so through a number of different paths. Some individuals may choose to create their own corporate entities. Doing so can involve a lot of work to plan the business's structure, to create bylaws and to create other necessary operating documents. They also need to fulfill all of the state and federal filing requirements necessary to have the business recognized.

New businesses in New Jersey see tax breaks

According to some economists the national recession has ended. However, many Camden County residents and businesses still feel the pinch in their pocketbooks that took hold around a decade ago. The state, though, has taken steps to improve the financial outlook for its citizens and corporate residents by offering new businesses tax breaks to open their doors within New Jersey's borders.

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