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July 2015 Archives

What is the purpose of probate?

This New Jersey estate administration blog has used prior posts to discuss the importance of having solid estate planning tools in one's end-of-life portfolio. Trusts, wills and other testamentary devices are often needed to fully explain a decedent's intentions for what to do with his property after he has passed on. However, a person may wonder why a decedent's estate must go through probate if he has taken the time to fully create a good estate plan.

Do all of my business contracts have to be written?

At its most basic level, a contract involves an offer and an acceptance. A Moorestown resident may offer to do something for another in exchange for some form of compensation; if his offer is accepted, then a basic contract is formed. That simple agreement may not be written down and may only be recorded in the memories of the parties who made it.

A business dissolution generates many notices and letters

Closing a business takes more than simply closing its doors. To bring about the official end to a New Jersey corporate or business entity, many loose ends have to be tied up. Those loose ends can exist between the owners or shareholders of the company, between the business and its creditors and between the business and the state government. Before a business can end its operations, those relationships must be officially severed and the severing process often begins with letters of notice regarding the business dissolution.

Attorneys can be good sources of information about trusts

An estate plan can include a number of legal devices, including one or more trusts. As earlier posts have discussed, New Jersey residents can create trusts that are revocable or irrevocable; that function only at their deaths or that are organized as living trusts. How a trust is organized and who manages it can make a big difference in whether it achieves the trust creator's wishes.

Many large-scale mergers have occurred in 2015

This New Jersey business law blog has looked at business mergers and acquisitions from a variety of angles. It has investigated specific mergers and takeovers as well as broken down some of the complicated terminology related to mergers and acquisitions in the business law world. Its focus on these types of business actions will likely continue throughout the year, as it was recently reported that 2015 has been a huge year for mergers between big companies.

How does a partnership differ from a sole proprietorship?

Anyone who has worked as an organization's employee has likely had dreams of being his or her own boss. While most people keep their day jobs, some New Jersey residents take the risk of starting up their own business enterprises. Opening a new business has its challenges, not the least of which is deciding how to structure that business in terms of ownership.

Probate is just one way your estate may be challenged

This estate planning and estate administration law blog has provided New Jersey readers with a myriad of articles regarding ways that they can ensure asset and wealth protection as they consider what to do with their money at the ends of their lives. Wills, trusts and many other testamentary devices all come together in a person's estate plan to create a solid structure for how the person's wealth will be managed when the person dies. Probate, or the legal process by which an estate is administered following the planner's death, can present legal challenges to that estate when a decedent's plan is potentially flawed.

Business and injury law cross with tortious interference claims

When a New Jersey resident is harmed in a car accident, the person often incurs damages related to the collision. People may, in the wake of the accident, have medical bills to pay as well as repair costs associated with fixing a vehicle. People may miss time at work and experience economic losses related to losing hours on the job. When a physical event inflicts harm on a person, tort or personal injury law provides that victim with avenues to pursue the person's losses.

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