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April 2015 Archives

What are reverse mergers?

One of the most difficult things for a small business in New Jersey to do is to raise money for expansion. A private company may look at loans, cutting costs or even going public before it is able to come up with a strategy that will provide it with needed capital funding. Such businesses do, however, have another option for seeking out and securing the financial support that they need for their plans. These enterprises may go through reverse mergers.

Why might someone revoke a trust?

Past posts on this New Jersey legal blog have discussed the different types of trusts that a party may use in order to protect his wealth, avoid probate and provide inheritances for those that he loves. Irrevocable trusts are those that cannot be changed or destroyed once made. Revocable trusts are subject to the will of the trust creators and can be changed, modified, or even cancelled if deemed appropriate by the makers of the trusts.

Contractual dispute between state and unions heats up

Depending upon the type of work he does and the place he is employed, a Moorestown resident may be part of a union. A union groups together populations of similarly skilled or similarly employed workers and provides them with collective bargaining unit protections. A collective bargaining unit can create with a business owner a single contract that governs all of the union members at the business owner's enterprise rather than subjecting each worker to his own independent contract.

Consumers initiate business litigation against SeaWorld

Not all Moorestown residents will have the opportunity to see exotic animals in their natural habitats. For that reason, many enjoy visiting zoos and nature preserves where otherwise unavailable wildlife is housed and cared for by veterinarians and other professionals. Such parks and entertainment facilities have long met criticism over their care of exotic animals and the business practices they use to provide for them.

What does it mean to die intestate?

Prior posts on this New Jersey estate planning and business law blog have discussed why it is important for people both young and old to have plans for the disposition of their assets after their deaths. However, not all individuals choose to create estate plans before the ends of their lives occur. When a person dies without a valid will, he is considered to have died intestate.

Exit strategies help business owners anticipate future needs

Many Moorestown residents have estate plans. In fact, this legal blog has previously posted about the benefits of creating testamentary documents to protect individuals' wealth after they pass away and to protect their property from the probate process. In business, an estate plan may technically not be feasible. However, business owners can make plans to wrap up their businesses long before they are ready to close their doors.

Protect your business's rights during a business merger

Recently this Moorestown business law blog discussed the differences between a friendly acquisition and a hostile takeover. Both of these seemingly polarized events generally result in the same thing -- one business acquiring another and bringing it under its power. How those business mergers are accomplished, however, can occur in very different ways.

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