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January 2015 Archives

Estates should plan for life's positives and negatives

Preparing one's personal estate can be a sobering experience as the preparer contemplates the person's own mortality. It can, however, also been seen as an opportunity to create a legacy in those who stand to inherit the person's wealth. Many New Jersey residents who prepare estate plans desire to give their children and other descendants shares of the wealth they accumulated over the course of their lives.

Due diligence is critical to closing successful business deals

It is hard to believe that in some cases a single corporate sale or merger could affect the entire future of a business. However, this can be the case for some New Jersey corporate entities. There are situations that can arise where the success of a single business transaction can have lasting repercussions on the viability of either the buying or selling corporation involved in the transaction.

Choose the best entity type to help your business succeed

According to the Internal Revenue Service there are a variety of different forms that a business owner may choose for his or her new entity. Each of these forms has different tax obligations and can benefit different businesses depending upon their practices and industries. This post reviews a few possible business forms that entities can take. Please speak with a corporate attorney about how to choose the best entity type for your new business venture.

What if a business dispute leads to litigation with my partner?

Going into business with another person is kind of like entering into a marriage. Two people may find themselves with common dreams and goals for a corporate enterprise and feel that they complement each other in terms of acumen and drive. However, like some married couples throughout New Jersey, not all business partnerships are matches made in heaven.

What is the cy-pres doctrine as related to charitable trusts?

During the important process of planning one's personal estate, a New Jersey resident may choose to leave money in trust to a charitable organization. That organization may exemplify the values or beliefs of the estate planner and represent the legacy that the giving individual wants to leave after he passes on. While giving to charities through one's estate is a noble and worthy thing to do, problems can arise when an estate plan stipulates giving to an organization that does not exist at the time of the estate planner's death.

Concessions contract may lead to changes at national park

America is full of iconic locations that date its history and status as a young nation. From historical landmarks found here in New Jersey and the rest of the eastern coast to the reaching mountain peaks of California and Washington, a person cannot travel far without being reminded of the United States' progress as a country or its inherent natural beauty. One of the most iconic places in the country is Yosemite National Park. This sprawling protected area offers nature lovers a chance to experience the country's finest terrain and draws visitors in droves each year from distances near and far.

What can I do to have an effective business start up?

Being one's own boss is a dream that many Camden residents may have. However, to achieve such a goal many people discover that they must go into business for themselves. For the brave few who venture into the business formation world, knowing how to set up a successful enterprise can be challenging.

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