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December 2014 Archives

Avoid taxes through careful planning of estates

Even if a Camden resident has not yet created an estate plan for the disposition of his wealth after his death, it is likely that he has at least heard of the estate tax. Also known as the death tax, an estate tax imposes costs on the property and wealth a person has accumulated over the course of his life. Many people worry that the estate tax will deplete their wealth to the point that they will have little to give to their heirs and beneficiaries.

Business litigation has a big impact on small businesses

Some New Jersey residents may consider litigation to be just another part of doing business in the state. From contract disputes between vendors to employment disagreements between workers and companies, contention can arise in many aspects of a business's daily operations. While some businesses can work through litigation matters without much impact on their operations, small businesses are often profoundly affected by legal matters.

Using trusts to protect wealth from beneficiaries' creditors

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the benefits that Camden residents can experience from using trusts to protect and pass on their wealth. A trust creates a protected relationship between a trustee and a trust beneficiary that generally allows the property contained in the trust to pass to a beneficiary outside of the probate process. However, not all individuals who desire to set up trusts for their loved ones can be sure that their passed on wealth will be used for wise purposes.

Changes in laws can create contract disputes between companies

New Jersey residents are all probably familiar with the Obama Administration's efforts to open up health care insurance coverage to Americans of lower economic means. The effort is in part based in the Affordable Care Act and that law has created some tensions between medical providers, insurance companies and the patients who should be benefitting from improved medical insurance coverage. Generally speaking, medical providers are finding it challenging to cover the differences in cost that result when insurance companies are billing to patients at lower rates and when the cost of medical service continues to rise.

Is there only one kind of business merger?

Camden readers may generally know that when two things merge together they become a single entity. Mergers are an integral part of the business world where corporations regularly split, combine and form new organizations. However, mergers do not occur by simply pushing two companies together under one heading; business mergers can take on a variety of forms.

New Jersey casino group involved in business litigation

Residents of Camden often take the short trip to Atlantic City to enjoy the casinos and resorts available on the state's coast. However, despite all of the glitter and glamour of the casino gaming floors, some businesses in the Atlantic City entertainment industry are struggling to keep their doors open. One organization that is practically synonymous with the entertainment destination was recently pulled into a difficult business litigation matter.

Consider giving through a trust this holiday season

Thanksgiving is over and retailers are still counting their sales totals from a hectic Black Friday. Here in Camden, New Jersey, individuals are now focusing on the upcoming holidays. Many of those celebrations involve giving gifts to family and friends. While some people will choose to give traditional, tangible presents wrapped up with paper and bows, others will look for different options that delay giving to a later date.

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