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October 2014 Archives

In business transaction law, how can I protect my contracts?

The contracts that New Jersey business owners enter into each day vary as greatly as the purposes and products offered by those businesses. Between employment contracts, vender agreements, licensing contracts and many others, a single business can be subject to dozens of agreements just to keep its doors open. With so many agreements in play at once it is not uncommon for disputes to arise between businesses and their contractual associations.

Differences in contractual interpretation lead to lawsuits

Each day businesses all across New Jersey make contracts with new partners, venders and other business entities. Those contracts spell out the details that the contracting parties agreed to before putting themselves on the line for any damages the other parties may experience in the event of breaches. Unfortunately, even at the time of contracting some parties both read the same agreement and interpret the terms in very different ways.

Useful ways that individuals can prepare to discuss their estates

Planning to speak to an attorney about one's personal estate can be depressing because it anticipates a rather upsetting topic: one's own death. However, making the decision to prepare an estate plan in advance of passing can save a New Jersey resident's loved ones considerable time and money. There are several steps that individuals working out the details of their estates can take to make planning even easier.

Train companies allegedly engage in business merger talks

Railway transportation is one of the main ways that certain American industries move their products. Particularly, many oil companies operating in New Jersey and throughout the rest of the nation use trains to transport crude and other oil products to cities far and wide. Different train and rail transportation companies exist in the country and provide businesses with options for choosing which carriers can have their transportation business.

Taxes imposed during probate can diminish estate wealth

When a New Jersey resident passes away, many parties can have interests in the disposition of that decedent's possessions. The financial and tangible items of property that make up his estate can be divided based upon the decedent's wishes or the laws of the state. Whether he has a properly formed estate administration plan can weigh heavily into whether his final wishes are granted.

How is due diligence defined during a business transaction?

New Jersey business people are encouraged to use due diligence when purchasing assets and new organizations. However, some may wonder exactly what due diligence really means. According to, due diligence involves exercising the same level of responsibility and care that a reasonable person would exercise given the same situation.

Understand a contract in order to avoid a breach

Every day, New Jersey residents make informal agreements with each other. Whether they are deciding where to meet for lunch or choosing who will run an errand, they make decisions that bind some to action and some to potential payment. Do these commonplace decisions constitute contracts?

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