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August 2014 Archives

How do I make business purchases in New Jersey?

Businesses change ownership all the time. Recently, this blog discussed the sale of one discount retailer's brand to another in a large corporate merger. Small businesses also go through business purchases and sales, which can be complicated for parties on both sides of the transactions.

Protecting loved ones with special needs trusts

Almost everyone has heard the old saying, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," which is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Many New Jersey residents may be aware of how closely these two certainties are intertwined when a person reaches the final years of his or her life. Taxes can rob a person of a substantial amount of his wealth and can reduce the size of the estate a person passes down to his or her loved ones.

Business litigation: New Jersey Turnpike sues over pizza logo

Business litigation in New Jersey may involve an unlikely combination of litigants. For example, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority commenced a lawsuit over trademark infringement against New Jersey Boardwalk Pizza in federal court on July 21.

Estates can be problematic when not properly managed

The untimely death of actor Robin Williams may leave some New Jersey residents questioning whether their wills and other estate planning documents are in order. Estates are something that many people choose not to think about until they are reminded of their impending deaths by the passing of acquaintances or individuals in the media. Many people can learn from the estate planning mistakes of others when those errors become public knowledge.

Ensuring a smooth partnership during a business start up

Many New Jersey residents dream about the days when they can leave their jobs and go into business on their own. While some choose to stay in their employment indefinitely, others decide to go out on their own or with a friend to make their small business dreams into realities. However, an unfortunate number of new businesses quickly fail for a variety of money-based reasons.

Understanding breach of contract lawsuits

Every day people all across New Jersey enter into contracts. Some people sign contracts for new jobs and new homes. Others sign agreements that memorialize business dealings. Regardless of the reason a person enters into a contract he should be aware of the consequences he will suffer if he commits a fraud in executing it or fails to uphold his end of the deal.

Explaining trusts and their value to New Jersey residents

What is a trust? Many New Jersey residents may be unable to explain this estate planning device. While they are more familiar with wills and other testamentary documents, people tend to recognize the term "trust" as something some people use to protect their money but not something they would know how to execute.

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