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Trust Administration

It is never easy when a loved one passes away. In the event that he or she has a trust, it is essential that your family seek an experienced South Jersey trust administration attorney to help navigate the intricacies of the document and the assets therein.

At Donnelly LLC , our experienced Camden irrevocable trusts attorney can confidently and sensitively work through the important details of your case as your family goes through the healing process.

A trust is a private document that does not need to be filed with the court. When your loved one passes away, a successor must administer the trust while beneficiaries are located, contacted and communicated with. After this, several other steps must be taken in the administration of the trust. Our lawyer is prepared to handle the following steps:

  • Assets and inheritances must be gathered and distributed appropriately.
  • Debts must be paid.
  • Creditors must be notified.
  • Tax returns must be filed.

Depending on the size of the trust, the successors and beneficiaries may find that they lack the time and resources for such a large and important task. This is where the margin of error can be vastly widened. If you and your family do not retain experienced Moorestown, New Jersey, counsel for these areas and the details of the trust are not followed and dissolved in a certain way, you could face serious litigation issues.

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