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Probate And Estate Administration

New Jersey Probate And Probate Administration Attorney

Cherry Hill, New Jersey-Southern New Jersey

When a family loses a loved one, the deceased's estate will likely go through the county court's probate process to finalize the payment of outstanding debt and to distribute remaining assets. If you recently lost a loved one, an experienced probate lawyer can help your family resolve all outstanding issues regarding your loved one's estate quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Donnelly LLC offers legal assistance in the areas of probate and probate administration. Brian Donnelly handled numerous probate cases while serving as an attorney with the probate judge for Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties and now provides probate service in private practice.

At Donnelly LLC , our Burlington County and Camden County probate attorney can help protect your estate from unnecessary estate and inheritance tax burdens. Attorney Brian Donnelly holds a Master of Laws in taxation, an advanced law degree awarded to lawyers after they have completed law school and attended additional years of schooling in a particular subject area. Brian Donnelly also holds a certificate in estate and gift tax as part of his Master of Laws. He uses his extensive experience for the aid of clients who are seeking to maximize the benefit that their estates can provide to their loved ones.

Do you have questions or need legal assistance regarding probate and probate administration? Call Donnelly LLC at 866-907-6368.

Donnelly LLC is experienced in handling probate and probate administration matters in southern New Jersey. Our firm has represented executors in probating multimillion-dollar estates and we use that experience to better aid all of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Completing tax forms
  • Handling death certificates
  • Disbursing assets to beneficiaries and sending notices to creditors
  • Assisting executors in identifying and locating assets
  • Working with 401(k) accounts and benefit plans and life insurance policies
  • Managing federal estate and gift tax returns and state inheritance tax returns
  • Attending surrogate court hearings, filing wills, paying life debts and acting for the executor
  • Estate administration
  • Estate litigation

Most people have heard stories regarding the frustration that can occur when probate proceedings last for years and cost families a large percent of an estate. Donnelly LLC is committed to resolving clients' probate proceedings quickly and efficiently, with the goal of protecting remaining assets and distributing those assets to beneficiaries as rapidly as possible.

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For questions regarding probate, probate administration and estate tax, contact Donnelly LLC. The firm provides free initial consultations and offers flexible payment arrangements at all three of our office locations. To contact us, call 866-907-6368.