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Zoning And Variance Denial

If you have been turned down in your request for a permit, a variance or a zoning change, getting mad or making threats won't change the board's decision. Even if the denial of your application feels personal or political, it is a legal matter. It's time to consult a legal professional.

The land use attorneys of Donnelly LLC can examine your situation, explain your rights and skillfully pursue your legal recourse. We have helped clients in South Jersey overcome zoning and variance denials to regain the right to use or develop their property. With offices in Haddonfield and Moorestown, we handle planning and zoning matters in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County and Atlantic County.

Challenging The Decision Of Local Planning Boards

We represent homeowners, business owners, landlords, and residential and commercial property developers. We can step in if your preliminary plans met resistance or your formal application was denied by local, county or state officials, for whatever reason:

  • Building permit — code compliance, inspection, expired permit
  • Conditional use permit — nonconforming use, required upgrades
  • Variance from ordinance — setback, noise, nuisance, etc.
  • Rezoning request — incompatible use, environmental concerns

Our lawyers will examine the stated reason for the denial and follow up with administrators or elected officials to understand the objection to your plans. We can then advise on the appropriate action:

  • Address concerns of the board or adjacent property owners
  • Amend the plans and resubmit the application
  • Appeal the decision to the town council or county board
  • Pursue litigation in state or federal courts of New Jersey, if necessary and proper

We have had good results negotiating middle ground and convincing authorities to reverse denials based on arbitrary factors or incorrect applications of the law. Our approach is to be respectful, cooperative and forthcoming, but when the decision-makers stand in the way of a rightful and reasonable request, we are prepared to assert your interests.

Call Donnelly LLC at 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368, or contact us online. We provide a free office consultation at our Camden and Burlington locations, or a free phone consultation for clients in adjoining counties.