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Counseling Physicians In Transition

Physicians have some of the most complicated and branching career paths out of any modern profession. Attempting to wade through such a broad array of choices by yourself can be an extremely daunting task, and the danger of mismanaging your career is always present.

Our experienced attorney can help you plan your long-term career goals and outline the best route for attaining them. We can help you navigate through recruitment offers, negotiate employment contracts or establish your own practice.

You can rely on Donnelly LLC to help guide your career to its intended destination. In the ultracompetitive realm of the modern job market, you need every edge that you can get. Setting out without an attorney who has extensive experience is an unnecessary disadvantage.

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Donnelly LLC provides physician representation for diverse issues, serving medical professionals in Camden County, Burlington County and surrounding New Jersey. Call us at 856-324-6147 or (toll free) 866-907-6368, or contact us online.