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Camden County Relocation Lawyer

After parents split up, it is common at some point for one of the parties to seek to move away, in pursuit of employment or other opportunities. This creates tense and complicated disputes when the noncustodial parent opposes the move or when the proposed relocation is far from New Jersey.

We strive to find a solution that preserves a healthy bond and regular contact with the child, if the move itself is not challenged. We also go to court to argue for or against relocation when the parents cannot come to an agreement.

Donnelly LLC represents parents on both sides of these disputes.

Parent Move-Away Petitions

A parent who has primary physical custody cannot simply move away without notifying the other parent and the court of jurisdiction over the existing custody order. If the request is challenged, the court must consider the reasons for the move and whether it is in the child's best interest.

  • Is the parent moving for a legitimate reason such as a better job or a family support network or for selfish or spiteful reasons such as a new love interest or to alienate the child from the co-parent?
  • Will the educational opportunities or other benefits to the child outweigh the detriments of leaving behind friends, family and stability?
  • Will the move unduly burden the other parent or deteriorate the parental bond?

The courts focus on the distance, the nature of the noncustodial parent's involvement and relationship with the child, and whether the relocating parent will foster communication.

If the move is granted, it will also be necessary to revise the parenting plan accordingly through a custody modification. The parent left behind commonly gets extra time during holidays and summer vacation, and the court may alter child support or order parents to share travel expenses. Our lawyer assists clients in working out practical terms of an inconvenient and emotionally charged situation.

Tailored Legal Advocacy

Our Camden County relocation attorney offers a free office consultation in Camden and Burlington counties, or a free phone consultation in neighboring jurisdictions. Call 856-324-6147 or (toll free) 866-907-6368 or contact us online.