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Camden County Property Division Lawyer

When you divorce in New Jersey, your marital property is divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. Are you worried about getting your fair share? Are you seeking to protect specific assets such as a business, the house or your pension?

Attorney Brian Donnelly of Donnelly LLC can knowledgeably advise and represent you in the division of your marital estate and related matters such as alimony and debts. We strive for out-of-court settlements whenever feasible, but we can capably represent you in divorce litigation if you are not able to reach an amicable resolution.

Donnelly LLC handles divorce and related matters of family law in Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester County.

Dividing Your New Jersey Marital Estate

Under the equitable distribution statute, the New Jersey family courts must consider many factors in dividing a marital estate. These include the length of marriage, the age and health of the spouses, money or property brought to the marriage, written contracts such as a prenuptial agreement, the economic circumstances of each party, incomes and earning capacity, contributions to a spouse's degree or career, sacrificing or deferring one's own career, contributions to the acquisition or appreciation in value of marital property (or dissipation of assets), contributions as a homemaker or stay-at-home parent, present value of all property, joint debts and liabilities, need of the physical custody parent to retain the house, and tax consequences of the settlement for each party.

Our lawyer will sit down with you to understand the nature of your assets and your priorities. We can capably address the factors listed above as they pertain to:

  • The marital residence and other real estate
  • Pension, 401(k) and retirement accounts
  • Stocks, investments and bank accounts
  • A professional practice or closely held business
  • Credit card balances and loans
  • Alimony (if applicable)
  • Vehicles, valuables and furnishings
  • Hidden assets and accounts

Our attorney has a background in business law and an advanced law degree in taxation. We work with valuation specialists, forensic accountants and other experts in high-asset and complex property division cases to accurately gauge individual assets and the total estate. If we cannot reach a settlement through negotiation or mediation, we strive to keep litigation as focused and as efficient as possible to mitigate the costs and stress for our clients.

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The Camden County property division lawyer at Donnelly LLC provides free office consultations in Camden and Burlington counties, or over the phone in neighboring counties, and offers flexible payment arrangements. Call 856-324-6147 or (toll free) 866-907-6368, or contact us online.