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Burlington County Family Adoption Lawyer

Bringing a child into the family fold is a happy occasion, but there may be critical details and complications on the way to making it official. It is important to work with a family law attorney who understands the adoption laws of New Jersey, to clear any obstacles and make the process as smooth as possible.

Donnelly LLC represents adoptive parents in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County and surrounding South Jersey. Our goal is to take care of the legalities so that you can focus on creating a healthy, welcoming environment for the child.

Adoption And Related Matters Of Family Law

Our lawyer does not arrange agency or international adoptions. But we can address:

  • Stepparent adoption — This affirms the bond between the child and the stepparent, and it confers inheritance rights and all other rights and obligations of parenthood. In many cases, the natural parent cannot be located or voluntarily relinquishes rights. However, we can represent stepparents in contested proceedings for termination of parental rights.
  • Grandparent/interfamily adoption — Grandparents, aunts and uncles, adult siblings or other relatives may step in if the natural parents are deceased, absent or deemed by a court to be unfit parents. The court will consider petitions to formally adopt the child or children when there is no likelihood of the parents resuming custody.
  • Private adoption — We can review adoption agreements (open or closed adoption) with a mother who is giving up her baby or surrogacy agreements with a woman who has agreed to host a surrogate pregnancy.

Problems with adoptions commonly arise from the details — errors, omissions or ambiguities. We work to ensure that all appropriate forms are completed and filed properly with the court and that the language of adoption agreements is clear. We are prepared to advocate for clients in termination proceedings, including preparation or cross-examination of witnesses.

Confidential Consultations

Our Camden County family adoption attorney offers a free office consultation to clients in Camden and Burlington counties or a free phone consultation in neighboring areas of New Jersey. Call 856-324-6147 or (toll free) 866-907-6368 or contact us online.