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Estate Litigation

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Estate Litigation Attorney

While many probate matters flow smoothly through the court system, some generate disputes resulting in litigation.

  • When a loved one passes away and his or her will contains unwelcome surprises, is the will valid?
  • When a trusted executor fails to distribute inherited funds and property to beneficiaries and heirs, can the assets be recovered?
  • If heirs disagree on the meaning of a clause in a will, can someone interpret the will's meaning accurately and fairly?
  • When the ownership of a family business is in dispute after a parent or other relative dies, is there a way to protect your rights?
  • What can be done if an estate is being mismanaged?

Donnelly LLC can answer these estate litigation questions and is experienced in resolving and litigating disputes and offering effective legal assistance.

Do you need legal help with a disputed estate? Do you have questions regarding estate litigation? Call Brian Donnelly at 866-907-6368.

Brian Donnelly handled numerous litigated estates while serving as a lawyer and clerk for the probate judge for Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties. Prior to founding his own firm, Mr. Donnelly worked as a litigator for a firm in Moorestown, New Jersey, and worked with complex financial instruments with a firm in Princeton, New Jersey. Donnelly LLC now provides experienced estate litigation legal services.

The firm represents the interests of parties across a range of estate dispute circumstances, including:

  • Will contests and questions regarding the validity of wills, including fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper will execution and testamentary intent
  • Representation of executors concerning executors' accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, estate mismanagement and family disputes
  • Beneficiary claims
  • Disputes with executors regarding lack of action, theft and fraud

We handle cases ranging from minor disputes and low-value estates to complex questions involving sibling involvement in family-owned businesses and consequent equity holding and ownership questions. If you have questions regarding estate disputes, litigation and your rights, contact Donnelly LLC for answers and full legal representation.

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