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Employment Manuals

Do your employees know what is expected of them? If the answer is "no," or "I'm not sure," then it is probably time to review your employee handbook.

Donnelly LLC in Camden County, New Jersey, drafts, reviews and updates employment manuals in accordance with state, federal and local employment laws. Feel confident that the employment manuals you are providing to new hires and existing employees are written clearly, accurately and in a manner that protects your business. Call us to schedule your free office consultation: 856-324-6147 or toll free 866-907-6368.

What To Include In An Employee Handbook

Our attorney will take time to learn about your business. What is important to your business? What are your business objectives? What type of environment do you want to cultivate for your employees?

While we can develop a manual that is specific to your business, we generally want to ensure that the following items are covered:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA) policies
  • Nondiscrimination policies
  • Equal employment/EEOC policies
  • Workers' compensation policies
  • Pay and promotions
  • Paid time off and sick leave
  • Benefits
  • Employee behavior
  • Performance ratings

Employment manuals can be influential in shaping the culture of your company as well as in helping to prevent exposing your company to litigation. We endeavor to help you avoid conflict — planning and preventing are absolutely vital in this.

Free Office Consultation To Discuss Employment Manual

Speak with our lawyer about our role in helping your company develop an effective employment manual. Call us at 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368. We can also be contacted online.