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Discrimination Claims

Business owners can take many measures to help prevent employees from filing discrimination claims. Donnelly LLC represents business owners throughout Camden County who are interested in mitigating the risk of discrimination lawsuits. We can consult with you on an ongoing or as-needed basis to help you explore your opportunities for mitigating risk.

Donnelly LLC in New Jersey prides itself on building sustainable client relationships. To schedule your free office consultation with our lawyer, please call 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368.

Is Your Business Doing Everything It Can To Prevent Discrimination And Lawsuits?

While there is no method for guaranteeing that an employee will not file a lawsuit, an attorney can work with you to develop company-specific strategies that can help mitigate your risk for lawsuits. As attorney Brian Donnelly arrives at a plan tailored specifically for you, he may advise you on:

  • Training focused on helping to be aware of and sensitive to diversity
  • Crafting employment manuals that cover discrimination
  • Taking discrimination and harassment claims seriously and having a system in place to properly look into such claims
  • Developing "zero tolerance" policies to ensure that employees will be safe and free from retaliation for reporting discrimination
  • Investigating discriminatory behaviors
  • Documenting performance problems and other issues that could lead to an employee's eventual termination

If an employee brings a discrimination claim based on race, religion, national origin, disability or age, the preventive measures that you took can be very powerful in defending against the allegations. Donnelly LLC focuses on preventing problems and disputes. However, should you require litigation services, we are prepared to step in with a solid defense strategy.

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To learn more about how we can assist with preventing and litigating discrimination claims, call 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368. You may also contact us online.