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Camden County Real Estate Tax Appeal Attorney

If you believe that the most recent assessment of your house, condo, apartment complex or commercial building is unfairly high, you have the automatic right to file an appeal with the county. However, your chances of a favorable adjustment — and a corresponding reduction in your tax bill — are greatly increased when you enlist a knowledgeable attorney to handle your appeal.

Attorney Brian Donnelly holds a Master of Laws in taxation, an advanced law degree awarded to lawyers after they have completed law school and attended additional years of schooling in a particular subject area. Mr. Donnelly is a local attorney who has successfully appealed a number of property assessments in southern New Jersey.

Donnelly LLC handles tax appeals in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County and other New Jersey jurisdictions. Our Burlington County and Camden County probate attorney can help protect your estate from unnecessary estate and inheritance tax burdens.

Property Tax Appeals In South Jersey

Appeals of municipal tax assessments must be filed with the county by April 1 of each year. (Commercial properties assessed at more than $750,000 can appeal directly to the State Tax Court.) Filing an appeal puts you on the docket for a hearing with a County Tax Board commissioner.

Property owners must present a documented argument for why the assessed value is excessive, unreasonable, discriminatory or misguided. Our attorney will research sales of comparable properties that are usable (as opposed to short sales or other distressed mortgage transactions), and we may recommend hiring a licensed real estate appraiser to provide an expert opinion on the fair market value of your property. The county assessor and the municipality's own appraisal experts may also testify about the assessment.

The Tax Board may take weeks or months to render its decision. If this does not produce a favorable adjustment of valuation, we can explore the merits of appealing the County Tax Board's decision to the Tax Court of New Jersey.

Our experienced Camden County lawyer provides the best hope of a successful real estate tax appeal. We offer free office consultations at our Moorestown locations, or free phone consultations to clients in adjacent counties of South Jersey. Call 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368, or contact us online.