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U.S. Nonimmigrant Visas

There are many types of nonimmigrant visas. Depending on the type of business that you own and operate, it is possible that any type of nonimmigrant visa may apply to your immigration needs. Donnelly LLC in Camden County can help you determine the most feasible visa for the particular employee in question.

As a New Jersey immigration lawyer, Brian Donnelly can guide you through the process of securing employees through the immigration process. To arrange a free office consultation, please call 856-324-6147 or toll free 866-907-6368.

Types Of U.S. Nonimmigrant Visas

Among the types of nonimmigrant visas are the following:

  • H1-B visas for professionals/specialty workers
  • L visas for intracompany transfers
  • E visas for treaty traders and investors
  • F visas for students
  • J visas for exchange visitors

H1-B visas are commonly sought visas in the business world. They are for workers with bachelor's degrees (or the foreign equivalent of a bachelor's degree) and the appropriate licensure if required. An employer's petition to sponsor an H1-B nonimmigrant can only be approved if the worker's qualifications match the needs of the job description.

Each type of visa has specific qualifications that our attorney is ready to assist you with. We answer questions about what types of visas your business may be interested in and are ready to help you through this complex process.

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Our clients have many great ideas about how to run businesses and which talent is best suited for the roles within their companies. We can help you reach your goals and onboard the talented employees that you desire. Talk to us in a free office visit and learn more. Call 856-324-6147 or toll free 866-907-6368. We can also be contacted online.