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U.S. Immigrant Visas

Are you aware of the multitude of United States immigrant visas that are available for your company to secure employment of foreign nationals? As a business owner, it is much more likely that you know the type of worker that your company needs than the immigration process to obtain that worker.

Donnelly LLC in Camden County is here to help your company cut through the confusion of the immigration process, specifically when it comes to bringing in new talent to your company. To learn more in a free office consultation, call our lawyer at 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368.

We Talk Through Your Plans To Bring In The Right Employees

Our New Jersey immigration attorney can help you plan out the terms of the employment and the type of employee to bring into the company and ensure that all of this is handled in accordance with your business's needs and goals.

The types of employment-based immigrant visas that you may be interested in will seek out:

  • E1 visas for priority workers, i.e., workers with extraordinary ability
  • Second priority for professionals holding advanced degrees as well as people of exceptional ability
  • Professionals and other workers
  • Employment creation/investors
  • Certain special immigrants

To obtain immigrant visas, employers must meet certain labor certification qualification through the U.S. Department of Labor.

The types of employees that we frequently help bring into U.S. companies include:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Religious workers
  • Journalists
  • Broadcasters

Contact Our Immigration Lawyer For A Free Office Visit

Immigration law is complex, and we are here to help your business through the process as seamlessly as possible. Schedule your free office consultation to learn more. We can be reached at 856-324-6147 or toll free at 866-907-6368. We can also be contacted online.