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Adjusting your business planning around current events

In general, businesses in New Jersey like to be able to predict upcoming events that may have an impact on the company's profitability, if at all possible. When President Trump recently announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, it might have been foreseeable to some. In New Jersey, so-called "clean" energy companies, like those in the business of producing solar panels, are still planning on society marching forward toward renewable energy all the same.

New Jersey businesses can face many different legal issues

Starting a business in New Jersey can be exciting. The hope of establishing a profitable enterprise is the driving force behind many business start-ups. And, at the beginning, if everything has been planned out carefully, things will always seem like they are going smoothly. Unfortunately, most businesses will run into legal issues at some point in time: some good, some bad and some very complex.

How can you get a liquor license in New Jersey?

Owning and operating a bar, restaurant or store that intends to sell alcohol involves more than simply buying supplies and printing a drink menu. As you are well aware, you must secure certain permits in order to sell alcohol. New Jersey law regulates these licenses, but local townships and municipal governments distribute them.

What are some advantages and disadvantages to an S-corporation?

Small business owners in Moorestown have a variety of ways they can form their business. Those who might want to incorporate may be more interested in a S-corporation, rather than the standard C-corporation. But, is this type of business formation right for everyone?

Secure help when hiring foreign nationals for your business

With the installation of the new presidential administration, immigration has become a hot topic for individuals, news correspondents and businesses that hire foreign nationals. As changes are currently underway and will surely continue in the future, it is more important than ever to obtain legal help when your company is attempting to secure a visa or navigate immigration issues for an employee.

Business entity options for Moorestown sole proprietors

When a person in Moorestown first decides to create his or her own business, it might be organized as a sole proprietorship. Simply put, if just one person owns a business, it is a sole proprietorship. It does not need to be registered with the state, although it still may need to apply for licenses and permits, depending on the business.

Business sales can be more complex than one thinks

After pouring years of effort into establishing a successful business, entrepreneurs in New Jersey may one day decide to sell their business, and move on to a new venture in life. An entrepreneur who has invested a lot of heart into his business may have a very rosy picture of it. However, it is important to think practically when negotiating a sale, as a few key issues may rear their heads during this time.

Business formation: incorporating a business

When a small business grows to include many employees and sees significant financial success, its owners may decide that it is time to incorporate. Of course, each state, including New Jersey, has its own laws on incorporating a business. Moreover, forming a corporation can be a complex endeavor, so seeking legal advice may be necessary.

Business formation: don't forget these key partnership clauses

All it takes is one great idea for two or more individuals in New Jersey to enter into a partnership agreement in order to create a new business. However, before they do so, they should draw up a partnership agreement, which contains some key clauses.

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