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April 2017 Archives

When a poorly drafted estate plan leads to a will contest

Previous posts here have mentioned the importance of making sure that an estate plan is carefully crafted and comprehensive. But, why is that so important? Well, one of the primary reasons is that a poorly drafted estate plan could lead to a will contest in probate court - something most people want to avoid.

Make sure you're in compliance with business transactional law

For most businesses in New Jersey, the main goal of the company is to keep customers happy and earn a profit. These are the basics but, as many of our readers know, this can be "easier said than done." Many companies in New Jersey will run into legal problems that can complicate the efforts to achieve these basic goals at times, making it supremely important to make sure that they are in compliance with business transactional law.

An overview of deceptive trade practices

In the business world, there are many different issues that can lead to litigation. Deceptive trade practices is one. But, like many areas of business law, the concept of a deceptive trade practice might be foreign to many entrepreneurs and business leaders in New Jersey.

What do you need to know about charitable trusts?

The overall benefits of establishing a trust as part of an estate plan have been discussed in previous posts here. But, as has also been mentioned previously, there are a wide variety of different types of trusts that New Jersey residents can consider. Charitable trusts, for instance, are gaining in popularity. So, what do our readers need to know about charitable trusts?

Survey results show that estate planning is still a touchy topic

Many of our readers have heard it before: the majority of Americans don't have a will. Previous posts here have touched on just how much of a risk it is to continue to avoid the issue of estate planning. Unfortunately, a recent report noted a study that confirms, again, that Americans are not doing what they should when it comes to estate planning.

Resolving business disputes with litigation

Operating a successful business in New Jersey is all about relationships - relationships between employers and employees, as well as relationships between companies. When two companies enter into a business relationship, the hope is always that there are no bumps in the road. However, our readers know that not all relationships between companies work out quite that way.

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