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August 2016 Archives

What are some benefits to designating a trust protector?

A person in Moorestown may have spent his or her whole life accumulating assets, such as stocks, bank accounts and real estate. Building your own personal wealth can be extremely satisfying, but financial planning doesn't end there. Individuals in such situations should contemplate what will happen to these hard-earned assets after they pass away. For this reason, some individuals create a trust as an estate planning vehicle to pass their assets on to future generations. A trust provides instructions on how the creator of the trust wants his or her assets distributed upon his or her death.

Business formation: incorporating a business

When a small business grows to include many employees and sees significant financial success, its owners may decide that it is time to incorporate. Of course, each state, including New Jersey, has its own laws on incorporating a business. Moreover, forming a corporation can be a complex endeavor, so seeking legal advice may be necessary.

Don't wait until it is too late to make that will

Making a will may be something that sits at the back-burner of many individuals' minds. They may know it should be done, but for one reason or another they never get around to it. In fact, data shows that over 50 percent of Americans will pass away without having ever creating a will. This means that these individuals will die intestate, meaning that the court will be in charge of making the determination of who will inherit the deceased person's assets and, if there are minor children, who their guardian will be. As you can see, wills are important for New Jersey residents, no matter what their age or the amount of wealth they have.

How do mergers differ from acquisitions?

Many business owners in New Jersey have heard of the terms "mergers" and "acquisitions," particularly when it comes to large business deals involving major companies. Some people may think that there's not much difference between the two or even that they are synonyms of the same actions. However, there is a difference between the definition of "merger" and the definition of "acquisition" that should be understood.

Business formation: don't forget these key partnership clauses

All it takes is one great idea for two or more individuals in New Jersey to enter into a partnership agreement in order to create a new business. However, before they do so, they should draw up a partnership agreement, which contains some key clauses.

New Jersey residents shouldn't skip out on estate planning

Many people in New Jersey put off estate planning, feeling like they have their whole lives to do it. Some even skip it altogether. However, it is important to have an estate plan, no matter what your age. After all, no one can predict whether a catastrophic accident or illness will occur. Not everyone is guaranteed to live to an old age, making estate planning all the more important.

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