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Some contract disputes begin with unclear offers

It may seem that by the time two parties get to the process of writing up a contract, they both agree on the terms of what they are agreeing to do. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Problems can arise for New Jersey residents at any point in the contract creation process, including as early as the time an initial offer is made.

Past posts on this law blog have generally discussed that contracts, including those created for businesses, must have offers, acceptances and consideration. The offer is the first part of the agreement creation process. For example, in a business setting, an offeror may offer to provide another party with ten boxes of paper in exchange for the other party, termed the offeree, paying the offeror $50.

If the offeree believes that this is a good deal, he may accept the contract by responding that he will pay $50 for ten boxes of paper. This may all seem very straightforward, but if the offer is limited and does not provide specifics about the paper to be provided, the parties may find themselves embroiled in a contract dispute later on.

Contract disputes could arise regarding the type or quality of the paper. Will the offeror provide white computer paper? Colored construction paper? Note-sized paper or poster boards? Disputes may also arise about the sizes of the boxes produced. Will the offeree be receiving large boxes? Small boxes? Something in between?

The example discussed in this post is a very simple demonstration of what can become a much bigger problem when an offer is unclear as to what it will actually provide. One way to avoid offer-based contract disputes is to use the services of business law attorneys at the time one is preparing to make a business offer. Attorneys who work in the business contract field can help their clients identify the specifics that they will need to spell out in order to create unambiguous business contracts.

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