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November 2015 Archives

Trusts can be an important part of a personal estate plan

This New Jersey estate planning law blog has strongly advocated that any person, regardless of his personal wealth, can benefit from having an estate plan. But what should a person include in that plan? It can be overwhelming for an individual to work through the creation of his own estate plan, and for that reason many individuals chose to solicit the help of estate planning attorneys to help them create well-crafted estates.

Estate administration can be a complicated process

When an individual asks a friend, family member, or trusted advisor to serve as the executor of his estate, he may believe that he is bestowing a great honor on the selected individual. While individuals who are chosen to undertake estate administration duties on behalf of others are often picked because of their tendency to be responsible and upstanding, being an estate's executor is a lot of work. In Moorestown and communities all throughout the country, estate administrators can see their jobs last for months and even into years depending on the details of the relevant estates.

Why do so many business start-ups fail?

Owning one's own business can sound like a dream. In New Jersey, many new restaurants, shops, and other businesses open every year, but many of them close before they can celebrate their one year anniversaries. With so few new businesses succeeding, readers may wonder just how come many start-ups fail.

Our firm can help you work through business disputes

Litigation can be scary for Camden County business owners. A single lawsuit can consume a business owner's time, energy and other valuable resources. When dealing with a business-related lawsuit, a business owner may find her attention drawn to the case and away from other important matters related to her enterprise.

What mistakes are common during the creation of an estate plan?

Prior posts on this New Jersey estate planning blog have discussed the importance of having a personal estate plan. However, not everyone who could benefit from creating such a plan has done so. Not having an estate plan is one major mistake that many individuals make, but during the creation of such a plan, there are many opportunities for individuals to make other costly errors.

The management of debts in a decedent's estate

It is not uncommon for a Moorestown resident to pass away with assets to his name. It is also not uncommon for such an individual to die with outstanding debts such as home mortgages, car loans and other personal financial obligations. When a person passes on and leaves both debts and assets in her estate, it is often up to the estate's administrator to figure out how to manage asset distribution and debt satisfaction.

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