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October 2015 Archives

What is tortious interference in the business world?

Contracts and business deals are made every day by the corporate entities that operate within the borders of New Jersey. When the parties to business agreements operate ethically and in accordance with the terms of their dealings, businesses are able to advance according to their specific plans.

Could your estate plan benefit from the inclusion of a trust?

Most readers of this New Jersey estate planning blog are familiar with wills. Wills are testamentary devices that stipulate important details about how a person wants personal matters handled after his death. It may include how he wants his wealth distributed, who he wants to care for his children and even what type of funeral he wants held in his memory.

We can help your company prepare for a business sale

The acquisition of one company's brand or assets by another business often means the closure of the company that had its items sold. In New Jersey, businesses often merge with or acquire others or simply close their doors. When such business transactions occur, it is not uncommon for one business to ultimately have to close out its operations.

What kinds of disputes can turn into contract litigation?

Business litigation based on contract disputes can result from a variety of problems with different kinds of business agreements. New Jersey businesses may see their real estate contracts, employment contracts and vendor contracts all face scrutiny or claims of breach by other parties to the agreements. This post will look at some of the ways that contract disputes can arise in any of these varied types of business agreements.

Family of Robin Williams settles estate battle

The death of an individual can bring stress and confusion into the lives of others. When a New Jersey resident passes away, his family and friends may initially pull together to support each other in the wake of the loss but may, with time, find themselves fighting over how to tie up the loose ends of the deceased's life. A situation similar to the one just described has been playing out for over a year and centers on the death of a talented and beloved American actor.

Guidance on separating business activities from hobbies

Imagine a New Jersey resident who enjoys and excels at baking. The person often bakes large quantities of cookies for bake sales, the person's children's activities and for friends and family members throughout the community. From time to time the resident is given money or goods in exchange for the baked goods and the person periodically replaces the bowls, spoons and baking sheets with new ones in order to produce the best quality cookies that the individual can. Based on this scenario, is this individual engaged in a baking business or just a serious baking hobby?

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