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August 2015 Archives

Trusts offer variety, security in estate planning

To some people, trusts might seem to be an esoteric subject that may seem only applicable for people of incredibly high incomes. The rich are not the only portion of the population that can benefit from preparing trusts for themselves. In fact, any New Jersey resident who has assets to his name can create a trust. That a person can choose from a variety of different trust formats and types only makes their use more universal for people interested in creating comprehensive estate plans.

Issues that can cloud breach of contract claims

Previously this New Jersey business law blog discussed the offer and acceptance process that generally precedes the creation of a contract. Whether the agreement is for a lease, a purchase or an affiliation of entities for a corporate merger, the contract must abide by the fundamental principles of contract creation. At its basic level, one party must make an offer, to which a second party must accept and agree to provide consideration for the performance of the agreed to event.

What responsibilities does an estate administrator exercise?

The person who performs the estate administrator duties for another person's end-of-life estate is called an executor. In New Jersey, an executor has a number of responsibilities that the person must exercise in order to successfully close the estate over which the person has control. This blog post will examine some of the executor's major duties and responsibilities that become necessary during the administration of an estate.

How does one keep an estranged sibling out of a will?

The family infighting that some Camden County residents experience during their lifetimes can become outright war after the death of a relative. Depending upon the relationships that decedents had with their immediate and extended family members, individuals may challenge the appropriateness of certain people collecting inheritance benefits from a decedent's estate. One way to prevent an estranged relation from becoming a beneficiary of a decedent's estate is to write the relation out of the decedent's will.

Classification of workers at heart of Uber business litigation

Recently, the word "Uber" has gotten a lot of attention in popular American culture. Big cities all over the country have begun to allow private individuals with their own insured cars to connect to a taxi-like service platform that allows them to charge fares for driving strangers around their communities. Some New Jersey residents may have used this service, which is affectionately known by the platform's name -- Uber.

Do you understand your estate plan's trusts?

This Moorestown estate administration legal blog has previous discussed a number of different types of trusts that an individual may include in his personal estate plan. Trusts may be revocable or irrevocable, they may be created to benefits charities or they may be established to care for loved ones with special needs. Trusts can take on many forms and serve a variety of intended purposes.

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