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March 2015 Archives

A young adult needs an estate plan as much as an elderly person

Hollywood likes to portray young people as wild, free and seemingly invincible. Some New Jersey adults in their late teens and early twenties live their lives as though nothing will ever stop them. When they are young and free of many of the responsibilities that settle in later on in life, such as marriage, jobs and children, it can be easy to live as though they will never die.

Why is contractual interpretation so important to an agreement?

When a Moorestown business person schedules a meeting, the person probably makes note of the time, place and reason for holding the conference. People do this so they can be prepared for the event and to ensure that they are not late or in the wrong place. Recording the details of the planned get-together takes ambiguity out of the rationale for and particulars about the business interaction.

Understanding friendly acquisitions and mergers

In some business situations, one company unilaterally takes over another through a sale or merger. These types of events happen with some frequency right here in New Jersey as ownership of partnerships, corporations and other entities changes hands and control. However, every merger is different and one major factor that can play into how the merger occurs is whether the business transaction is friendly or hostile.

Advantages of establishing a living trust

When preparing one's estate it is common to think only ahead to the time when the planner is no longer living. Most Moorestown residents look at estate planning as a way to take care of their possessions and assets only after they have passed on. However, certain estate planning tools allow individuals to make good estate planning decisions long before they reach the end of their lives.

What are trade secrets and why are they important?

Many New Jersey businesses define themselves based on providing unique goods or services. A specialized item that is only available from a limited number of sources can be a lucrative element for a company's assets and income. In many cases, when a company possesses the knowledge of how to make such an item, that company desires to keep the production methods for it under wraps.

Do not ignore contractual disputes in business

Many Moorestown businessmen and businesswomen understand the importance of preparing sound contracts. A contract is a device that binds the parties to an agreement to the terms of their relationship. A contract may be created for employment, for goods and services or for many other factors that are necessary for successfully operating a business. In essence, a contract tells the parties what they may and may not do with regard to their operating relationship.

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