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In business transaction law, how can I protect my contracts?

The contracts that New Jersey business owners enter into each day vary as greatly as the purposes and products offered by those businesses. Between employment contracts, vender agreements, licensing contracts and many others, a single business can be subject to dozens of agreements just to keep its doors open. With so many agreements in play at once it is not uncommon for disputes to arise between businesses and their contractual associations.

There are different ways for businesses to try to keep their contracts in order and out of court, but one relatively straightforward way to do so is to have all contracts witnessed by a notary. Notaries are individuals who have been recognized by local government to witness the executions of document and contracts. Notaries can verify that the signatures on contracts are those of the contracting parties and can offer indemnity to parties who are wrongly acknowledged as parties to a contract.

To have a notary witness a contract signing that notary simply has to be at the office where the parties plan to execute the agreement. Some notaries have embossing or ink stamps that they affix to contracts that affirm the contract executions were witnessed. If a contract is later disputed and the parties find themselves involved in business transaction law matters, the notary can serve as a witness to the contractual events.

The involvement of a notary can help resolve a breach of contract claim before it heads to court. The services of notaries can be relatively inexpensive and in the great scheme of litigation can help prevent costly lawsuits preemptively for nominal costs. Not all parties will agree to notarization of their contracts, but for those who do the process may save them time and money by avoiding later litigation.

Business contracts are plentiful in almost all industries. The parties involved in those contracts can take simple steps to keep their contracts out of court. Though not all businesses will want to involve notaries in their contractual processes, those who do may benefit from having authorized witnesses signing off on their agreements.

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