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May 2014 Archives

Helping New Jersey residents protect their assets

In today's economy, individuals are smart to find ways to ensure their assets are protected. The best way to accomplish this task is to make sure one has an estate plan. One of the ways that many individuals may choose to help protect their assets is through trusts.

Assisting New Jersey residents with their estate planning

While many individuals may know that planning for the future is wise, many couples fail to do it. For married couples in particular, estate planning is a wise choice. While every couple is different and may have various objectives to their estate planning, most married couples share many of the same objectives.

AT&T could be headed for multi- billion dollar deal

Most New Jersey residents likely have some familiarity with DirecTV. New Jersey residents may also be familiar with AT&T. It looks as if the satellite provider and the second largest wireless provider may be on the verge of a deal worth nearly $50 billion.

Contract dispute in train car sale leads to litigation

Camden residents are used to the sights and sounds of trains -- both for passengers and for freight -- as they wind their ways across New Jersey. Business owners in particular understand the crucial role that the railroads have played -- and still do play -- in the development of our communities here on the East Coast and throughout the country.

Exelon announces benefits of proposed acquisition

There are many ways for New Jersey companies to grow. They can grow slowly over time as they accumulate more customers and more assets. Or, they can grow more quickly by merging with an established company. Through a merger or acquisition, companies can get access to capital, customers and technology that they would otherwise not be privy to. This can be a benefit for the company and for the customers the company serves.

With tax season ending, consider estate tax

While the filing deadline for federal income taxes has passed, many New Jersey residents are likely still thinking about last year's taxes. Some people may have gotten a refund and others had to pay. Many people may like to put the stress of tax season behind them and think about it again next year. However, experts warn that now might be the perfect time to think about taxes and how to reduce peoples' liability. In particular, people should consider their estate plan and if it has been crafted to limit their potential estate tax. Taxes may not be the first thing people think about when they think about estate planning. However, it should be a consideration. If people think that they do have enough assets to qualify for estate taxes, they should think again.

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