Minority Shareholder & Partnership Litigation

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As a minority shareholder or partner in a business venture, you have rights regarding how your involvement and your investment are treated. Those rights may derive from the bylaws, operating agreements or partnership agreements that were drafted while a business entity was being formed, they may originate in a relationship that creates a fiduciary duty, or your rights may stem from applicable laws or regulations.

When your rights as a minority shareholder or partner have not been properly respected, it is imperative that you pursue an effective remedy to the situation with a real sense of immediacy to prevent any further disregard for your involvement and investment in that particular business.

No matter how your rights are derived, you must actively work to protect yourself and your investment. If you have any suspicions that you are not being treated appropriately in your role as a shareholder or partner, we can help you investigate the circumstances of your situation and, if need be, pursue your rights through all available means, including litigation, arbitration and mediation.

At Donnelly Ritigstein, LLC, our Camden shareholder litigation attorneys have extensive experience helping protect the rights of those who have invested in a business or partnership. Attorney Brian Donnelly is a former General Equity Clerk with experience dealing with these types of matters. Firm member Michael Ritigstein has litigated minority shareholder and partnerships disputes with damages in excess of $3 million.

In closely held corporations, management decisions may result in excessive compensation for the majority of shareholders or corporate officers. There may be violations of operating agreements or breaches of fiduciary duty that impact the value of the investment you have made in a business or partnership. The firm has represented clients throughout the state of New Jersey.

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